Style is Reflected by Everyday Choices.

How would the world be without Style? It would be colorless, flavourless, with no personal touch.

All my life I have been driven by aesthetics. I style everything I do. Even when I am not photographing, I curate every moment of my life.

From the way I serve my morning coffee to the ritual of walking my dog, I strive to treat every moment as a ritual.

Every life deserves to be treated as a work of art!

I believe we should all discover our guiding purpose and let it flourish, focusing on our personality . This is how we can carve out a meaning in life.

My passion is to channel my own style through my photography, and focus on highlighting the unique glow of my clients and friends.

Trends come and go, but genuine creative expression will always be timeless!

Let’s curate your beautiful moments together!


I believe in classic, timeless elegance and genuine emotions.

Every single day for me is about creating, expressing, experimenting!
Photography is my passion.
Over the past decade, I have been documenting weddings
and events across beautiful Greece.

My mission goes beyond delivering exceptional photography to my clients. I strive to provide excellence in the experience I offer.

I would be honoured to be part of your story.


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